My wisdom tooth is coming through, and it hurts terribly.?

Answer The only remedy is to have it pulled, which is what the dentist will do especially since it's coming in at an angle. At some point, most of us have them removed. You can try a warm salt water rins... Read More »

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Wisdom tooth hurts like hell?

I had terrible pain in the right side of my mouth. I figured it was wisdom tooth, because they were starting to come in. Turns out, I needed a root canal on one of my back molars.

I think i have a wisdom tooth growing in and it hurts. my appointment is in july?

Wisdom teeth tend to come through in stages and that's why you sometimes get times of discomfort and then it resolves. An x-ray will confirm that there is enough room for the tooth to come through,... Read More »

My wisdom tooth is starting to pop inside and it hurts like hell?

You need to take that out! Go to a dentist. If your can't afford to get it taken out, get an xray And ask for a pain prescription. Should help mean while.

Is this a wisdom tooth coming in?

same here except it is just pain when my mouth closed with headaches and I am 14.. so maybe?