My wine cellar doesn't change its temperature?

Answer Store your table wines horizontally; on it’s side so the wine is in contact with the cork.This will keep the cork wet. If the cork dries out it will shrink and let air get to your wine.Air is the... Read More »

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How to Age Wine Without a Cellar?

Wine is relatively unique among food and beverages in its ability to improve in flavor and complexity as it ages. Aging wine correctly softens its tannins and leads to the formation of fruit-like e... Read More »

How to Build a Wine Cellar Cabinet?

A wine cellar cabinet includes a refrigeration unit. They are larger and deeper than non-refrigerated wine cabinets and include several independent temperature controls. According to Wine Cellars a... Read More »

What temperature do you store red wine in a wine refrigerator?

The best storage temperature for red wine, according to Better Tasting Wine, is between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 16 degrees Celsius). This helps the wine age properly while preserving th... Read More »

At what temperature one should drink red wine .........?

The term "room temperature" generally means 21 degrees celsius. It's really a matter of personal preference, but most red wine will benefit from being chilled just a little, say between 16 and 18 ... Read More »