My wine brew is acting strange.?

Answer Its called wine not brew.You won't know if it is wrong until it has completed its fermentation and settled out. Then you can have a drink and make a judgement on it. In the end you will (you may no... Read More »

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My laptop is acting strange...?

Do you do this every couple of weeks.Maintaining your computer1. Left click on C drive> properties/run windows disc cleaner2. Download Ccleaner from here: Install Cclean... Read More »

Laptop acting strange?

On start up (before Windows loads) keep tapping either F5, F8 or F10 (be aware that some manufacturers use F8/F10 for system recovery) then use arrow keys to highlight 'Last known good configuratio... Read More »

What do i do if my cable box is acting strange?

The Weird signs on the front tells me the microprocessor software could be bad.....TRY unplugging the Cable box from power for 10 minutes, then plug it in......IF it still is bad, call Time Warner... Read More »

Your ipod is acting strange what should you do?

You should start charging it then, take it to your computer and add some songs. If it isn't fixed take it with the recipt from the store you bought it from, or you nearest Apple store.