My windows Media Player won't open. HELP!?

Answer here are ur options1) crl+alt+deleteclick processes, and look for wmplayer.exeif u see it, hit end process and see if it works2) restart comp (that usually fixes any problem lolz)3) if nothing else... Read More »

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Why wont the songs I transferred to my mp3 player from Windows Media, play on another computer with Windows?

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How do I open RAR files with my Windows Media Player?

You don't. You extract the RAR'd file to your local drive. Right mouse button it it and say extract under the WinRAR menu. Then you open that file with Windows Media Player.

How to Open a Minimized Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is the default media player for all versions of the Windows operating system. As with other programs, you can minimize Windows Media Player to allow you to work with other prog... Read More »

Can I open YouTube videos with Windows Media Player?

YouTube videos can be opened with Windows Media Player. Youtube videos are in the Flash Video File, or FLV, format. Youtube videos must be converted to a Windows Media compatible format, such as .W... Read More »