My wifi network isnt connecting&isnt showing up?

Answer Question one IS your wifi button the one with the ( ( i ) ) symbol on or off? if OFF turn it ON. it should be lit and glowing brightly. This IS the Normal “state” of all laptops. {{ that is if... Read More »

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Why isnt my Itunes library showing?

Why my usb harddrive isnt showing up in my computer?

Delete the USB drivers and reinstall them. However, you could just install the drive, into the computer case. Then check it there, if it doesn't show up, open the BIOS and see if it is detected. If... Read More »

My Computer isnt showing its complete ram amount.?

Open your case and make sure the RAM is installed correctly.I also recommend you look at your CMOS and BIOS and see if it is simply disabled.If all else fails, return it to Best Buy and tell them w... Read More »

Why isnt my wifi working?

Same thing happens to me on my ipod 4 u just have to let it sit for a little while then itll start working