My wifes mother is choking on a piece of meat?

Answer LOL way to use your resources... No patting on the back is ineffective. You want the meat to come up not down.. If it goes too far down EMS cannot reach the material lodged into the airway. You n... Read More »

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A child is choking on a piece of meat and he is conscious and coughing forcefully what sould you do?

Do the Heimlich Maneuver (abdominal thrusts). The kid will 'spit' out the meat or whatever he/she's chocking on.

As a First Mother, what single piece of advice would you give to a younger First Mother?

Felicita said it all. Be prepared for a life of pain that never ends until one day you are graced with a reunion that turns out good. Get counceling because you will never get over it, you might pu... Read More »

Y&R--Was that a good looking piece of meat or what!!!?

You and me both ! You know Ricky wasn't bad either too bad he was so evil did you see the ABS on that guy whoa! ok enough said

If I chew on a piece of meat, but always spit it out before I swallow it, can I call myself a vegetarian?