My wife would like me to wear a fur coat when we go out for a dinner date?

Answer I think making you wear one of her fur coats is a little unfair. I would go to a furrier and have them sort you out a proper man's fur coat and wear that instead. Men do wear fur quite often in E... Read More »

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My wife didn't have dinner ready for me, what should I do?

Does your wife work? do you have kids. What does being Hispanic have to do with it? Get a grip!

Where in New York can i take my wife for her birthday for dinner?

Eleven Madison Park. It's expensive but worth it. Look up the reviews on Yelp. ;)

Why does my wife want me to sit at the table with her for dinner when I'm comfortable in front of the TV?

I’m surprised she’s still there fella… you should be eating out of a bowl next to your dog, by the sounds of it you should think yourself lucky that she still bothers to feed you at all…

How to Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home for Your Wife?

Planning a romantic dinner basically depends on creativity. But, more important is how well you know your wife.