My wife is pregnant and one week overdue, what can I do to bring on the labour?

Answer Hi me and my hubby went for a long walk in the daytime, and in the evening i had a hot bath a hot curry and hot sex hee hee. My waters broke befor his second snore could escape from him!also she c... Read More »

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What care needs to be taken by 9 week pregnant woman with a subserous fibroid of 10cmx7cm in terms of diet exercise and routine in order to avoid complication in labour?

Answer Whatever you do is not going to make any difference.Some fibroids shrink during pregnancy and some stay the same but it is not anything to do with diet, exercise or anything else the mother... Read More »

How do you bring on early labour?

what can i do to bring on early labour

Does clary sage oil bring on labour?

Clary Sage essential oil can bring on labor. It has a soothing effect on hormones and can help with pain during pregnancy. It can also induce pregnancy, so only take if you are ready to deliver.

Will 15ml of castor oil bring your labour on?

No. It is more likely just to give you vomiting and diarrhea, which you really don't want during labour! It is a myth that castor oil brings on labour and is strongly advised against by doctors and... Read More »