My wife is due to give birth in 2 weeks. are there any ways to speed labour along?

Answer the apple wont drop till its ripe. ever heard that one haha she could try eating fresh pineapple, drinking raspeberry leaf tea, having sex, these things can help bring on labour but not always

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Where Is The Most Unusual Place, You've Ever Heard Someone Give Birth Or Go Into Labour?

My grandmother gave birth to my uncle in an elevator.I have seen a lady in hard labour at my work place.My waters broke at the pokies.Nothing to strange though.......

You are almost 37 weeks and your due date is May 13Th you went to the doctor today and he said you were dilated 2cm and that there was definitly a head down there how long before you go into labour?

AnswerWell, they told me the same thing. I didn't go into labor until two weeks later. It just depends on how well YOUR labor goes.

Is it safe to give birth at 32 weeks?

its not safe to have an early labor, but yes its safe at 32 weeks because we now have technology that will help out the little one to live. The earliest baby that was ever born was 21 weeks, and th... Read More »

I need to give birth at 34 weeks?

Not sure what kind of question this is supposed to be. Sounds like more of a statement.