My wife has ms,what are the best alternative medicines to help her relax at night.?

Answer HOMEOPATHY ON MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS,CAUSES, SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT(Without any side effects or complication), the article is too lengthy to explain here please click the link to read in detail :-http:... Read More »

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Why are alternative medicines more preferred than primary medicines?

They work,without dangerous side effects.

Are there any alternative medicines that help someone with ADD rather than prescription drugs?

We offer a lot of products that would help with ADD. The product that i would recommend is called Focus Factor. Focus Factor is a dietary supplement that supports healthy memory, concentration and ... Read More »

What is WRONG with believing in Alternative Medicines?

Like religion, there is nothing wrong with people believing in AltMed, and I will fight for anyones right to believe in what they want. People should have the freedom of choice, however this must b... Read More »

Aren't "alternative medicines" totally bogus and a scam?

In general, it's bogus. There can be NO mechanism of action. There are a ton of studies claiming many of these alternative medications work. Fact is, these are either not peer-reviewed, have terrib... Read More »