My wife has a very badly trapped sciatic nerve, dose anyone know the best cure ?

Answer It depends on her symptoms. If she is having severe neurologic deficits (foot drop, numbness in her groin, or loss of bowel or bladder function) then surgery may be indicated. If she is having pa... Read More »

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Does anyone know a quick Cure for a Cyatic Nerve?

OUCH!! I did mine last weekend moving a couch!!! My lower back has never been the same since an epidural was put in the wrong part of my spine, so this is something I suffer from time to time with... Read More »

Has anyone ever had sciatica/sciatic nerve problems?

i have/do and it's horrible. once i could barely move, my doctor put me on anti-inflammatory pills (basically 1000mg motrin) and gave me muscle relaxants and pain killers. she told me should the pa... Read More »

My gums bleed very badly...cure?

you probably need a deep cleaning, below the gum line.

For a pinched sciatic nerve what is the best mattress , posturpedic, termupedic, plush,firm, etc Why?

Since the problem is within your body it usually doesn't make any difference what mattress you sleep on. It makes good advertising for them to say it makes a difference but it really doesn't. If ... Read More »