My wife has a bad migrane and andvil and hydro are not helping. any suggestions?

Answer Lots of migraines are caused by irregular blood flow to the brain, caused by a variety of things. Excedrin migraine can help because it's 3 ingredients all do something to correct the problem: Caff... Read More »

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My wife is looking to get into photography,like to get her a camera, have $1,000 budget any suggestions?

Circuit City has Nikon D80 with a AF-S DX Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF Zoom for $1255.

I need suggestions for what to take to the hospital for a friend whose wife is dying.?

People that are in the hospital all the time only care about comfort...physical comfort. I suggest maybe a nice neck pillow he can rest his head on when he's tired, a warm blanket, cause its always... Read More »

I just guzzled a 1.75 Liter of Scotch and my wife STILL doesn't look any better. Any suggestions?

You old bastard, Ima look fantastic giving you the one finger salute as you're chasing after me while my cruise ship pulls away from the dock. I can't wait to see your face after the trip I booked... Read More »

Flat Screen TV My wife is very annoyed because she can't put a lamp or ornament on our new TV any suggestions?