My wife drinks 1 bottle of wine per evening 7 days a week is she an alcoholic?

Answer think she might be!!..defo not T-Total!!.

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How worried should I be Partner drinks a bottle of wine every night and a few cans of beer. Alcoholic ?

People are diagnosed as an alcoholic when the buying and consuming of alcohol causes them difficulties in their day to day living. It is NOT based on how much alcohol they consume.These problems ca... Read More »

How many drinks are in a bottle of wine?

A standard 750 ml bottle of wine contains enough liquid to pour five glasses of wine. According to the National Institute of Health, one glass of wine is equal to one serving of alcohol.References:... Read More »

I drank 4 bottle of wine last nite without getting drunk. Am I an alcoholic?

Everyone has a different limit on how much you can drink, maybe you can drink quite a lot. As long as you ate food as well, the alcohol would have been absorbed by the food - a very sensible thing ... Read More »

I Drink 1-5 Beers Twice A Week & My Wife Says Im An Alcoholic Who's Right?

You are not an alcoholic. Enjoy it man that is what beer is for.Man don't let her change you! Keep drinking!