My wife and I are doing the Ideal Protein diet?

Answer where do you live at ? have you tried herbalife? it works and its cheaper

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How to do the Ideal Protein Diet?

You don't need 4 cups of veggies daily; that would be a LOT of veggies.You need equal amounts of FRESH (not canned) veggies, fruit, protein and grains.A good food plan would be:Breakfast: low fat ... Read More »

Kidney failure diet & low protein/high calorie diet. Recommendations please?

Hi There DREAMY, Hang on in there precious, and keep the Sincere Prayers and Praises going up to GOD, and He will Keep sending the Blessings Down to You. GOD Loves Praises, In fact He inhabits our ... Read More »

What is an ideal diet for a teen vegetarian?

Vegetables, beans, pasta, rice potatoes etcDune

How can i get protein in my diet?

Mushrooms, lentils, chick peas and nuts are all full of high quality protien, and if you cook them properly with some tasty ingredients, they dont have to be boring. Cheese is also very high in pro... Read More »