My whole body is in pain after a soccer torny?

Answer Go for the pain killer then....Good luck!

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What causes shifting pain in the body The kind of nagging, pricking, shooting pain that begins somewhere?

Common causes of lower left abdominal pain include diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, left kidney stone, left kidney infection, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, left ectopic pregnancy, l... Read More »

Body pain all over?

Not a heart attack. Welcome to the wonderful world of fibromyalgia. At least, that is what is sounds like. The pain in your chest, the muscles, or possibly the cartilage between your rips, ALl that... Read More »

What could cause pain throughout the body?

Pain throughout the bodyThere are many and various illnesses which could cause such pain. I can appreciate your anxiety about your mother, but finding a diagnosis may not be the answer to your worr... Read More »

Would a 12-year-old girl who weighs 120 pounds and has a high percentage of body fat particularly on the lower torso and plays soccer be considered overweight?

If you weigh 120 pounds and dont pig out on snacks a lot and has a healthy diet and is athletic, you should'nt be worried. You only have a big bone structure and that is a good thing.