My weird eating habits?

Answer you're not alone with this habit of yours. i'm the same way where i have to eat each thing separately, one at a time, and the foods not touching each weird habits are kind of ocd-related. ... Read More »

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Teens: Do you have any weird habits?

I pick at my lips. Like I pick the skin off. It's weird. I know. It's also really bad.I also pick at the skin on my fingers. Around my nails. When I'm getting really angry or stressed out, I flick.... Read More »

How's my eating habits?

It really matters how much you weigh and your height. But I'd say that's a good diet. You don't need to eat more, nor less. If you run then you can eat more. (if you want to.) Pigging out is okay s... Read More »

How to End Bad Eating Habits?

Whether quitting your addiction to snacking, too much sugar, or quitting smoking it starts with knowing what you want, checking obstacles then handling them in advance. Follow these steps and youâ€... Read More »

How to Change Bad Eating Habits?

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