My really worried!?

Answer Well i'm a teen but I will not be rude. I'm also a 14 year old girl. You are not fat at all and in the picture you look pretty. I think you probably look great! I'm 5"2 and I'm about 113 pounds. I ... Read More »

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I am really worried?

Please don`t worry about the HIV. I have HIV and know a lot about this subject. The only way you could catch HIV from a razor is if it was used less than 5Min's before you did and if the person had... Read More »


Better get a blood test to check for anemia. I have it constantly and that's how I know it's there again. Get better soon :)

Plz help im really worried?

You could have the same problem I have and be allergic to "xantines"They are the central nervous system exciters from coffee, black tea and cocoa called caffeine, theophyline and threominbine respe... Read More »

Really Worried, Help!?

Hello! I suggest you don't use the internet to self diagnose issues. Talk to your parents, and a doctor. Seriously. Good Luck!