My weight is terrible. help?

Answer Only you can make the decision now to improve your health and self image.My parents didn't take an interest in my health either and I was over 200 at 15.I decided to try something and started with ... Read More »

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Will I see terrible, terrible things if i go on chatroulette?

1/10 fake suicide videos. 6/10 perverted people. 3/10 regulars.

Why do I feel terrible after having a nap?

How to Deal With a Terrible Dad?

The world we live in is not like those shows we watch on TV. Some Dads are really difficult to handle, abusive or horrible to be with. If you are unlucky and you got stuck with a terrible Dad, thes... Read More »

Am I a terrible person because of this?

You do the best you can. That's all. No need to beat yourself up. As with all of life, it's a learning experience. Try to get something positive from this and move on. Isn't the fact that it bother... Read More »