My video card doesn't run to its full potential?

Answer Reinstall the drive but don't install any nvidia software like phys x it slows it down ...

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You have ative 2gb SD card full of pictures if you are asked to format it by your PC will you lose pics and video saved on card?

Yes. Formatting will destroy all the data on the memory card.Make sure you keep a backup of the data, frequently.

HDMI video card doesnt output HDMI signal to monitor?

I've seen this before on several systems that I've built. It is usually the resolution or refresh rate set too high for the TV to handle. Remember, that TV is not a computer monitor. Computer monit... Read More »

How do I recover full hd video files deleted off of an sd card?

Sorry to inform you that once data files are deleted from an SD card they are lost forever. Be more carefull next time...

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