My vaginal smell is way different after medication?

Answer Vaginal odor and vaginal scent are two different concepts. There's no such thing as a scentless vagina, but there is a difference between your body's healthy, natural scents and odors that are sour... Read More »

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Is there a smell from the vaginal area when you're pregnant?

Answer NO.If you have an unpleasant smell you probably have an infection. These are more common when you are pregnant but not usually serious. Get it checked.

Is there anything i can eat or drink to make my vaginal area smell better?

How do you get the sour smell out of towels I notice the smell after about 2-3 uses, i use fab/soft regulary?

Buy some dry bleach or some Borax, that will refreshen them.

My leather sofa got soaked,after i dried it there is an awful foisty or can i get rid of the smell?

This is probably caused by mold or mildew and you will need an enzyme cleaner that will kill this and then eradicate the smell.Em Clean has been formulated for this purpose and has been tested on l... Read More »