My vagina tore when me and my bf where being intimate will it heal right?

Answer Don't worry! your body is amazing and can heal itself pretty quickly :) but in order that happens quickly, keep yourself EXTRA clean down there so you don't get infected, and dont have sex for 1-2 ... Read More »

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TORE MY EAR LOBES! after they heal can i continue to gauge?

It is better to wear it after it heals. Once you remove it for two days or more the holes may get shrink . So after the removal you have to keep with the smallest insert.

Seriously: I think I tore my perineum, or at least injured it. How long does it take for it to heal?

Wow. Did you take any pictures of your chocolate mud babby? *hands you a cigar and some stool softener*Seriously, a hot bath with an entire box of epsom salts in it would probably do you a lot of g... Read More »

Heal lower back pulled or tore muscle?

The pain could be psychosomatic, if nothing is getting detected in the X-rays. You need to go for physiotherapy.

If i don't use my vagina in a really long time will it heal up and close?

thank you, at least now I'm not alone in my "it's been so long, I wonder if I still know how to do it" misery loves company