My vagina is growing something?

Answer I don't think you should be on here asking, no one here is qualified to answer that question. You need to go see your gynecologist as soon as possible do not put it off any longer.

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So I have a mole or something on the lip of my vagina?

Are you sure you didn't get one of those labial piercings when you were drunk and forgot about it? That happened to my sister once. The when she went to the spa for "routine female maintenance", we... Read More »

I cant find my vagina!!!!!! im 13 too! is there something wrong with me?

Your vagina is between your labia which are like small lips up high between your legs. It is right behind the place where urine exits. Watch your urine stream and put your clean finger right behi... Read More »

I have something that looks like a pimple on my vagina ?

Sounds like a pimple... Let it be it should go away in a few days, but if it just festers and grows in to a big zit get a warm cloth apply for a few minutes then just squeeze, It will pop. Some peo... Read More »

When I stick something up my vagina it bleeds. How long will this last?

First of all, stop doing that. (What in the world are you sticking up there?) Secondly, if this continues, see a OB/GYN doctor.