My usb thumb-drive is broken! How I repair it?

Answer My drive just broke the same way, so I did a search online to try to find the answer to how to fix it, but, alas, everyone said I was screwed. So, I voided the warranty by cracking the case with an... Read More »

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How to Repair a Broken Drive Belt or Chain on a MTD Tiller?

MTD tillers subject tremendous strain on their drive belts by design in order to eliminate stress from reaching metal components. Checking the condition of the drive belt is a routine maintenance i... Read More »

What is the difference between a flash drive& a thumb drive?

Flash drives and thumb drives are very similar in that they are compact devices that allow a computer user to load and transport files from one computer to another. They are both Macintosh (Mac) an... Read More »

Is my thumb broken?

broken fingers and thumbs are tricky as they share symptoms with a bad sprain. It sounds like you should definitely go to a doctor who may prescribe an xray. Never ignore a possible break because i... Read More »

What do you put on a broken thumb?

You would want to make a splint to keep the finger from moving and then ice it. Popsickle sticks taped to the finger work as great splints.