My usb ports are completely gone?

Answer There are a couple of things to check before coming to the conclusion that your ports are fried. Check to see if usb is disabled in bios. Reinstall the motherboard drivers. Whatever device you a... Read More »

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IPod Battery almost completely gone!?

Apple can replace it. I wouldn't trust anyone else

After a format, is your data completely gone?

When you format, full or quick, the data remains.When you list the contents of a hard drive, you are reading the contents of the File Allocation Table. The File Allocation Table is like a map of y... Read More »

Does decaf coffee still have caffeine in it, or is it completely gone?

Anything that naturally contains caffeine (like coffee or tea, and dark colas) that has been decaffeinated, still has at least trace amounts of caffeine.It is very, very minimal but it is still the... Read More »

Even if it looks like it's completely gone, could a tick still be there!!!?

The tick is dead, obviously, if you pulled it in half, but it is possible it's head remained in the bite site. Most species of tick bury their jaws in the hosts flesh so deeply, they can be left be... Read More »