My usb flash drive cannot delete, copy or store files.?

Answer You may have left it locked - if it isn't that you could try to reformat it that usually works but you will lose any files currently stored on it. Make sure you unlock it before you tryAJ

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How Do I Copy Files to a Flash Drive?

Opening the Flash Drive's directoryInsert your flash drive into an open USB port on your computer. In Windows systems, a dialogue box will open. Select "Open to View Files." A window will appear sh... Read More »

How do I format a flash drive to copy +4Gb files?

from the cmd promptconvert (drive letter): /fs:ntfsso if your memory stick was drive E:convert E: /fs:ntfsdon't forget the colons :The reason it's not letting you copy the file is that FAT32 will o... Read More »

How to Copy Files from a Unix Computer to a USB Flash Drive?

The Unix operating system is the backbone of the Internet. First developed by AT&T in the 1960s, Unix has spread throughout the world. The increasing popularity of the Linux variant of Unix, which ... Read More »

How do I copy files from a Unix computer to a Windows flash drive?

Mount the Flash DriveYou will need root or superuser privileges to complete this task. Insert the Windows-compatible flash drive into a USB port. In a terminal window or at the command line, type "... Read More »