My urine is very yellow. Does that mean my body has many toxins?

Answer i thought urine was supposed to be yellow... i guess i need answers too!!

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How do I detox the body of toxins?

Modern life exposes you to all kinds of toxins and pollutants---from the chemical vapors on your dry-cleaned clothes to additives in your foods. There are several ways to detoxify your body. Once y... Read More »

How can you detox the body of toxins?

There are several detox programs available for you to try, depending on your specific needs. Some detox programs follow a seven day protocol, since it takes the body some time to detoxify the blood... Read More »

What foods will help rid your body of toxins?

Toxins are harmful chemicals and substances that we ingest and breathe on a daily basis. Toxins can cause such conditions as fatigue, allergies, viruses and headaches as well as more serious illnes... Read More »

What does it mean when a body fills up with toxins?

Over time, toxins and unhealthy substances gradually build up in the body, creating an unhealthy environment. Most everyone comes into contact with toxins from food, air and water on a daily basis,... Read More »