My urine has been leaking...?

Answer No it's not a sign of a period or anything it's a sign that your sphincter that closes off your bladder is very weak. What you can do is do some kagel exercises and do the best you can to clench an... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Leaking Urine?

When a person suffers from leaking urine, medical professionals call it "urinary incontinence." Different types of urinary incontinence occur for particular reasons. Stress incontinence happens at ... Read More »

How do I know how long my roof has been leaking?

When water seeps under the shingles of a roof it can travel along the roofing boards for a great distance before it finally begins to drip. It can collect in ceiling insulation or puddle in walls f... Read More »

If your breasts have been leaking does that mean you are pregnant?

Answer The answer to this question is no/not always. Awhile back I was trying to give myself a breast check, not really knowing what I was doing I pressed some part of my breast and some white/crea... Read More »

I have been seeing blood clots in my urine?

What is your age? it is known as haematuria but RBC must be confirmed as being numerous (urine D/R) lab test. Painless, midway & at the end, you have to exclude this first:Foods and drinks. Beets, ... Read More »