My urine colour is almost clear. (ie not yellowish),. Is this normal Thanks?

Answer Yes it means that you're drinking enough water.The more dehydrated you are the more yellow it is.

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10 weeks pregnant with a snotty yellowish mucus with no smell is this normal?

My eyes change colour, is this normal!?

l have blue eyes, but l've been told that when l'm really angry they flash green. Don't think it's anything to worry about.

Almost fainted from hair colour fumes, will this happen again next time I dye my hair?

Next time you dye your hair open all the windows and maybe a back door?,Try to get a dye with less fumes or maybe try to sit outside while she is doing it if its nice weather, It could of been a mi... Read More »

Is it normal to be leaking a small amount of yellowish brown fluid at 39 weeks of your pregnancy?

Helping Pregnancy Get to the doctor/hospital Right NOW, it sounds as though your waters may have gone.