My uncle found a little white round pill in his daughters backpack....?

Answer It could be anything from birth control to Midol to a drug.He should his daughter instead of trying to figure it out for himself. It will NOT end well if he thinks it's something it's not.

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Found a pill in daughters room, what is it?

Imprint Code: 83225Drug/Strength/Manufacturer: Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride 25mg - Quality CareDescription: 832 Over 25 - CapsuleIts an anti-psychotic drug. She's probably using it as a down... Read More »

I found a pill that's labeled Diphenhydramine in my daughters pants pocket?

It's benadryl. It's a common antihistamine used for allergies and also is sold as a sleep aid. It is NOT one of the drugs so often being sold behind the pharmacy counter (like Sudafed) because it i... Read More »

I found a pill in my daughters room it has a v on the front and 3598 on back its whit oval and is scored?

Ask a pharmacist to be sure. And unless your daughter is over 18, you have every right to be in her room.

Found a white oblong pill with the marking IP190 and on the other side 500?