My twitter account doesnt show up when search on google! 10 POINTS!!!?

Answer you need to add your twitter on google directory again. search on google by typing add url to google. then add the url of your twitter account. it will take about one day to show on google again. a... Read More »

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How do you get your Twitter and Yahoo account off the Google search?


Can someone see search history if I used THEIR google account on MY computer?

those pages are stored in YOUR PC regardless. They won't show up on his PC.Edit: The info is stored on the PC being used in temp files.

How To i Show Own blog in google Search?

Hmmm, firstly you just submit your blog in different search engines like google , yahoo, MSN, bing etc.After that you just share more and more information or any new updates regarding your niche so... Read More »

How do i make my web pabe show up on a google or yahoo search?

Anymore you do nothing. They automatically index you as long as you have registered a domain name. You can "submit" your domain name to the search engines but at best it just gets their spider to l... Read More »