My tv popped this morning. Is it dead?

Answer Indeed, your TV is probably now useless.The small pop your heard was the cathode ray tube imploding (it has a vacuum inside it, and no air) and the air rushing in was the pop.

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An idea that just popped, should i do this with the celery?

make an smoothie and mix it with banana and papaya. ummm yummy yummy

Any dentists out there! My jaw popped while i yawned, help on fixing this please?

That happens a lot to me too. It usually goes back to normal on its own, but you can try shift it around a little to maybe pop it back into place. It mightve been how you sleep, it couldve slipped ... Read More »

After having sex 10 days into my girlfriends cycle she popped a morning after pill even though we used a condom and it didn't break just to be safe Her period came about 10 days earlier normal?

Sore on my top lip...on my lip line and woke up this morning with this please help!?

Cold sores are a virus , you don't have to have a boyfriend to contract one and virginity has nothing to do with it . It probably is a cold sore that you have and it would be advisablee to buy or a... Read More »