My tv has been acting funny......?

Answer Take it back or get another one. Unplug it before you go to bed so. My mother in laws did that. She had a short in it so until you find out, I would keep it unplugged when you're not around for s... Read More »

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Funny Acting Games to Play?

Acting games are a useful way to teach students the art of improvisation. These games can also warm up an acting troupe before they do an improv show in front of an audience. The games are intended... Read More »

Has YouTube been acting weird for anyone lately?

Its the government. Obama doesn't want anyone bashing his Not-good-enough-to-use-himself health care system.

Has Jay Leno ever been funny?

Is your furnace going bad My furnace has been acting up It kicks on for about 45 seconds then it kicks off for 5 minutes and it repeats itself Could it possibly be my thermostat is bad?

Answer Not likely, could be hi temp limit switch or bad air flow.