My tower computer is acting up. My monitor was going into power saving mode and going dead, Why?

Answer its gonethrow it rrepair it

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My monitor keeps saying power saving mode what does that mean HELP ME PLEASE?

It means that your not getting a signal from your computer to the monitor.Check your cables to make sure they are connect securely. If they are andyour still not getting a signal, it could be your ... Read More »

My computer tower beeps when I turn it on, but nothing comes up on my monitor is it dead?

To assist you further what is the brand (mfg) and model number of your pc?

"Power Saving Mode" Plz help?

Reset the settings in the control panel...

How to disable power saving mode once activated?

Click start->control panel and select power options.Select never for all 3 choices, turn off monitor, turn off hard drives, and system standby. Your power saving mode will not kick in again.