My tooth is starting to turn black, what does this mean?

Answer Firstly, ouch! My cousin lost his front teeth playing football, so this is more common than you think! Secondly, the same thing happened to me (without the trauma!). I have a calcium deficiency mea... Read More »

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Am seeing black spots floating in my right eye, does this mean anything.?

You don't give your age, but you may well be describing a floater. These are impurities which develop increasingly with age, in the previously clear gel of the eye.Go see your GP or optician to con... Read More »

Your nipples are sore and your stomach is starting to grown does this mean that your pregnant?

Possibly but this is not a very good symptom. Take a pregnancy test

My EFC is 00009* What does this mean, does this mean im expected to pay 9 dollars a year?

This means that your Expected Family Contribution for that particular award year is $9. Which means that as far as Pell Grant is concerned you are Eligible for the full award minus $9. It also mean... Read More »

How long does it take for a black baby to turn black when it is born?

It takes all of 0 seconds. Being born black means they don't "turn" black but are born black. The baby may only seem lighter because of the enclosed space it was in for 9 months and all of the flui... Read More »