My tooth hurts when I drink cold water?

Answer you could have a cavity or sensitive teeth usually hurt for a few weeks after going to the dentist especially cold things make them hurt then things will start settling down after awhile.y... Read More »

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Is cold or hot water best to drink ,i love cold?

Kor keeping your sound sweeter, I prefer hot water... But if it doesn't matter cold water is good.

Tooth hurting extremely bad on cold water?

Sensitive gums. I get that too. Try some sensitive toothpaste

What is healthier to drink Room temperature water or cold water.?

It's still water either way...why would temperature make a difference? Most people prefer cold water because it's more refreshing.Add some fresh berries and Voila! you have (somewhat) flavored w... Read More »

Should I drink something else other than water after a wisdom tooth is extracted?

Sports drinks or juice would be good. The antibiotics are probably the cause of your diarrhea.