My toolbar is on the left side of the screen how can i get it back to the bottom?

Answer Right click the bar and make sure it is not 'locked' then you should be able to click and hold on it with your mouse and as you drag your mouse it will move the taskbar around on any side you want,... Read More »

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My taskbar moved 2 the left side of the screen i'd like it back on the bottom and don't know how 2 move it?

hold a click over it and drag it to the bottom of the screen

My toolbar is vertical on the right hand side of do i get it horizontal across the bottom please?

I think you have to click and drag then drop it where you want it sometimes on some computers it will ask if you want to move it then just follow what it says. hope that helps.

How do I move my toolbar back to the bottom of my computer screen?

You should be able to drag it down. Once you drag it back down, right-click it and select "lock the taskbar." That'll prevent it from happening again.

How do you move your desktop toolbar back to the bottom of the screen?

Click and hold on a blank area on the taskbar and drag it back into place. Think of it as dragging a stick around a corner when you're holding it by one end.Once you have the taskbar back where yo... Read More »