My toes been swollen for awhile?

Answer Go to the doctor for the toe check up...Good luck!

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Have not been on Answers in awhile, the weather has been so nice that I've been?

You can use an axe just make sure it is sharp or use a little lub and shorten the grip next to the head. For really fine work use a sharp hatchet.Never use any lub on the handle of a hatchet or an... Read More »

What is it when a foot gets very swollen and toes turn black and the foot is very swollen and black and blue?

It could be gangrene. Take her to the doctor/hospital immediately!!!!! My grandfather lost his leg after one of his toes turned black.

My foot is in a cast and my toes are purple, swollen, and hot to the touch. Should I go to the dr?

Elevate your whole leg immediately! Massage your toes and any parts of your leg you can. Go straight to back to the hospital who fitted the cast. This is VERY VERY URGENT! If you do not get help wi... Read More »

Fix a camera please been in storage for awhile?

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