My toe nail kind of came off.....HELP PLEASE?

Answer You should leave it alone as a new nail is already forming, just cover with a band- aid to stop it catching on the bedclothes................

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My entire big toe nail came off and been without a nail for months is there anyway to grow it back fast?

it will take at least 6 months for it to grow back completely...there is nothing you can do.

His toe nail came off!?

Umm call the doctor. I think it should grow back just dont let it get infected.

How do you get black nail polish out of a pink fabric chair please dont say nail polish remover!! help!!!!!!?

Vinegar. Don't pour it on the stain though. Apply some to a cotton ball and blot the stain.

My sister came home smelling like nail polish or something of the sort, it's almost 4am. Crack?

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