My toe nail fell off help !?

Answer Yes, it will grow back. Apply an antibiotic ointment and put a band aid on it. Change the band aid once every other day or until it falls off.

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Toe Nail fell off :/?

It'll be back in no time! No worries. Just keep in clean with a little peroxide and it'll grow back on its own. To be acurate it'll probably grow back within a month.

Nail fell into my foot?

It might be nice if you had asked a direct question. but I'll advise you as best I can. check your recent medical records for what tetanus shot you had. some are very short term. others are 10 year... Read More »

Ladder fell on my toe, its bleeding and the nail is turning blue.?

if the nail is turning blue , its a little late to ice it. heat would probably be best for it now, also the nail will probably come off in a few days but don't worry it will grow back

How do you get black nail polish out of a pink fabric chair please dont say nail polish remover!! help!!!!!!?

Vinegar. Don't pour it on the stain though. Apply some to a cotton ball and blot the stain.