My time machine is broken NEED HELP!!!?

Answer Take the pills.Don't forget to take all your clothes off first, and place the machine in front of an open window. Then, after you do the chicken dance,turn around three times, face away from the wi... Read More »

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I Need HELP On My BrokEn Lap top !?

hey man, you can handle this with a little patience and a small phillips screwdriver and small flat screwdriver. The phillips screwdriver is to actually remove all the screws, while the flat screw... Read More »

Broken Itouch I need help!!!?

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Is my foot broken I need help please?

Even a doctor inspecting your foot would not diagnose it as broken without an xray. This is the wrong place to ask for medical advice. Get yourself to a hospital or clinic.

Broken Hot/Cold water pipe need help?

As a temporary fix, Buy a comperssion stop end, and fit it to the end of the damaged pipe. A compression fitting, is one you fit and then tighten it on with a couple of spanners. then turn the wat... Read More »