My thumb really hurts, what can i do without going to the doctor Please Help!?

Answer You have overstressed your thumb and it needs a rest.Stop popping it, it will take will power, but you need to stop doing it.

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What Is Wrong With My Foot, It Hurts Really Bad PLEASE HELP!!?

The foot has many small bones and they can get fractured. I know this from experience. Foot fractures, no matter how small need to be taken care of! The foot is one of the most complicated places t... Read More »

I neeed help, please it hurts really really bad!?

My arm really hurts please help?

Mobilize the arm, give therapy for a week, if it troubles you see doctor, or if it hurts in chest go to ER.

Please help this hurts really bad?

There's nothing you can do, we all went through that. Be pacient 2-3 more days. By the way,your mother is a door ?