My throat is on fire and I have a temperature... any home remedies?

Answer Drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest. This will help you recover. In the mean time, you can rinse your mouth with salt water to lessen the sore throat. If none of this helps, try gingeroot b... Read More »

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Best, sure-fire home remedies for sore throat?

Chinese medicine for this is very powerful.See a Chinese doctor online, he will give you a perfect Chinese herb solution. The so-called herbs are as matter some plants you can get just around you e... Read More »

Anybody have any home remedies for a sore throat?

What I like to do is heat up some water and add some lemons in it. it is really soothing. I had to sing a performance the next day and i had a sore throat and the lemon water really worked.

I have a really sore throat! Any home remedies to help, besides tea, honey & gargling?

I had strep throat 3 times in a 6-week span last year, so I THINK I could help, haha...Something I did was to freeze a bottle of some sort of drink (I used Gatorade). Take a few sips (this will kee... Read More »

Home remedies 4 a sore throat?

I recommend water with tea tree oil in it, warm salt water, or warm sage tea.To nake a water of tea tree oil take 8 OZs water, and 10 drops of tea tree oik, and shake well.If you want the oil and w... Read More »