My throat is bothering me - Would really like some help?

Answer If it's still bothering you now I would go see a doctor. They will know better what's causing it than any random punter on the internet . . . Hope you feel better :)

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Pleaz star me i need alot of help and i would really like some stars!!?

I starred ya and here's a bunch more so smile Brooke ************************************** ************* ************************* ************************ ********** ***********

I would really like some head?

HahahahahahahThat heading grabbed my attention

Would you like to have some Spotted Dick British People is this really food?

Hi Sweet Judy, Lol Lol I don't know Judy but i found this to be really funny to me.. How would it sound to us here in The USA.. I want to invite you over for some Spotted Dick.. Now Judy be hones... Read More »

Would like some excercises to help me lose weight, no arobics?

Swimming is the best really because it works all parts of the body. If you're not that into water, then any cardio. Running is probably the second best, the key is to do it frequently and not to br... Read More »