My throat hurts, what should I do to make it feel better?

Answer Take those throat lozenges things like Halls. Drink tea, I don't think it really matters. I would drink green tea though and instead of sugar use honey. Also gargle salt water. All those should hel... Read More »

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My throat hurts and i'm sick :( say something that could make me feel better?

My throat hurts and i feel weak?

Go to a docterAnd if u get ginger tea lemon and honey and mix it up n drink it it helpsThis better not be a troll

I'm a girl and my throat hurts and my voice feels deep it hurts when I talk please HELP!!!?

Tight neck muscles will press into your throat with enough pressure to trap your tongue muscle there to make it hard and painful to swallow, your sore throat. When the muscles going to your larynx... Read More »

I have strep throat and when i eat something it hurts (when i swallow) is there a way to make it less painful?

They do sell spray and drops like chloraseptic and chloraseptic spray at most drug stores, that has some phenol in it to freeze the throat.... or at least make it feel frozen. You may not like the... Read More »