My throat hurts really badly! Is their a drink that can solve my problem?

Answer Hot tea with a few drops of honey :)My secret recipe! haha

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I'm 19 and I just got my tonsils out two days ago.. My throat hurts very badly.. advice please!?

get some Chloraseptic spray at the pharmacy and use it as directed. it is over-the-counter and contains a local anaesthetic to dull the pain of your sore throat.

My throat hurts REALLY bad...!?

My throat hurts really bad?

You have a dry throat, drink lots of water and lots of cordial. Milk will re-hydrate it too. Also get some throat lozenges :) this happens too me all the time. Unless your sexually active and have ... Read More »

My throat hurts really bad HELP?

Hi there: This will help you some. Mix some honey and butter. Then heat and let it slide down your throat. You have a fine day.