My throat hurts and i'm sick :( say something that could make me feel better?

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My throat hurts, what should I do to make it feel better?

Take those throat lozenges things like Halls. Drink tea, I don't think it really matters. I would drink green tea though and instead of sugar use honey. Also gargle salt water. All those should hel... Read More »

Im really sick my throat hurts and got a runny nose.?

for now rest your voice, don't talk, drink more fluids to washed out the itchiness and moisten your throat and nasal cavities, take a warm lemon juice with honey three times a day with full stomach... Read More »

My throat hurts and i feel weak?

Go to a docterAnd if u get ginger tea lemon and honey and mix it up n drink it it helpsThis better not be a troll

What does it mean if you feel faint and dizzy and sick in the throat and you are struggling to breath?

It means a lot of things. That's why you should go see a doctor.