My throar hurts everytime i wake up!?

Answer This can happen very regularly if you are snoring while you are sleeping. It can also occur due to allergies, chronic sinus problems, too hot a room, or simply if you are a mouth breather.Unless y... Read More »

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Why do I feel sick everytime I wake up?

its kuz ur body was getting what it should- rest- and doesnt want to get up. take a day off work or school and youll feel a bit better. the reason that u feel better later, is because youre fully a... Read More »

How come everytime I eat, my stomach hurts?

Your symptoms do sound like IBS, which isn't something to ignore, it can be very debilatating. If you have a mixture of constipation followed by diahrea and cramping after eating, those are classic... Read More »

Everytime I wake up my stomach feels sick like vomiting!!?

Same here except I'm 13 and also a virgin. Idk what it is but its normal

How come my stomach hurts everytime I drink grape juice?

There's hydrochloric acid in grapes, if you have acid reflux it can upset your stomach at first then start to irritate your esophagus.