My thighs have been so sore, is there a special massage for that?

Answer Me too Courtney.....was that you I saw at the Gym yesterday?I hope you didnt see that horrible accident I had on the treadmill.....(my head still hurting a little from that one)I think you need a h... Read More »

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How to Massage Knees and Thighs?

Your ease of movement--from walking to running to jumping--depends greatly on the mobility of your knees and the strength of your thighs. Massaging the knees and thighs will release built-up tensio... Read More »

My thighs are sore and it kinda hurts to walk due to soccer.?

Does this only happen when you practice? I found that it hurt me to walk after practice but not after a game. I think this was because I stretched before a game and not before practice. Try and thi... Read More »

I put icy hot on my thighs for sore muscle relief, and now it burns. How do I make it stop?

Have a bath or a shower and wash it off, ....................

My thighs are always extremely sore for a few days and I can barely walk after a long satisfying session of...?

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