My thighs are sore and it kinda hurts to walk due to soccer.?

Answer Does this only happen when you practice? I found that it hurt me to walk after practice but not after a game. I think this was because I stretched before a game and not before practice. Try and thi... Read More »

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My thighs are always extremely sore for a few days and I can barely walk after a long satisfying session of...?

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My ankle hurts. I have already put ice on it and i can walk on it but it still hurts. what should i do.?

Stay off it! Keep ice on it for a few minutes at a time. And maybe keep it elevated.

If you have sore throat sight fever coughing all the time and it hurts don't want to eat eyes are burning and a cold sore what do i have?

Could be TB or mono, see your doctor.Its most likely a virus, laryngitis. But it could be strep. Doesn't sound like mono but you should get tested anyway, see your doctor asap.

My right ankle hurts kinda bad and this is what I experience?

Sounds like you have a sprained ankle. Buy a bandage or an ankle support to wrap it :) It should heal i a week or two. :D Better yet, have an X-Ray just to be sure that nothing is broken.use this ... Read More »