My thighs are KILLING me from a previous workout! How long does the pain last?

Answer When you are exercising, your muscles are using oxygen to burn sugar for energy. As with any oxidation process, there are waste products. One of these is lactic acid. The level of exercise can (a... Read More »

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I need a workout plan for my thighs & butt?

It would be kinda pointless to do thigh workouts, and not expect your butt to be firm. you want the firmness in order to lift the tocks. So regarding the firmness, you want to start off with a 20 m... Read More »

Does the SNSD workout actually make your thighs skinny?

whoa. ur exercise is so intense!! i never tried those...only tiffany's leg workout, and that already works miracles! :) unless ur like, really really really overweight, i don't think u need to do t... Read More »

Ouch! After an overzealous workout, my calves are killing me. Does wearing CFM boots exacerbate the problem?

I thought all calves were vegetarians... why are they killing you? Do your calves have mad cow disease? Mebbe you better run for it. Mebbe you best reconsider your choice of footwear... unless you ... Read More »

Endometriosis pain in thighs?

It could be referred pain in your thighs from it. My fiance has endometriosis and she has an organic, over the counter hormone balancing cream that really helps. I'd recommend a hormone balancer, e... Read More »